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Akimoto Award 2011
Leading in Public Health
Special Programme - Suwa Kedella
Special Programme - Suwa Pooja
Special Programme - Sisu Suwa Udana
Dakshina Suwaviruwo 2015
Dakshina Suwaviruwo 2015
Dakshina Suwaviruwo 2015

Southern Provincial Health Department was born in 1989 with the Implementation of Provincial Act, Decentralizing the the Health Services into Nine Provincial Health Departments. Southern Provincial Health Department is under the Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicine, Probation and Social Welfare and Child care Services.

The Southern Provincial Health Department is responsible for the delivering of effective and efficient Healthcare services in to the ground level by making policies, guidelines and the Effective management of human resources within the Province.

The Provincial Director of Health Services is the Head of the Department and There are 3 Regional Directors of Health Services (RDHS) for the Province with each covering Galle, Matara & Hambantota Districts.

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