PDHS Southern

                        Dakshina Suwa Viruwo – 2022

Performance appraisal and Awarding programme


The performance appraisal is one of the perfect interventions to address long-term goals of a particular organization. Relevant appraises feel pleased and valued. Thereby performance appraisal offers recognition to a particular institution  and boosts their morale which positively changes capacity of the institution. The focus of performance appraisal is assessing and improving the actual performance of the institution and also enhancing the future potential of the institution. It is a powerful tool to calibrate and define the performance of the institution. It helps to analyse its contribution towards the achievement of the overall organisational goals and identifying it as a basic tool in the rewarding process. During the rewarding process, offering prizes as incentives are also important to motivate the relevant institutions, praise them for their performance and acknowledge their contributions to the department’s mission.

Performance appraisal within the department of health services is a process by which department evaluates the performance of its institutions based on pre-set standards. Concession of the best performance of a particular institution is ultimately gained by the respective population. Hence the overall success of each and every institution depends on the quality of the services offered to the population. Dakshina SuwaViruwo is a unique and trend setting programme conducted by PDHS office – Southern province for quality assessment, improvement and felicitation of health care institutions. The main objective is to appraise performance and reward health institutions that upgraded the quality of patient care while encouraging more institutes to enrol in to quality practices and convert them into client friendly services.

Several aspects related to quality were considered like productivity, safety measures, standards of the processes, maintenance of statistics, competence of human resources and physical infrastructure. Selection was based on a standard marking scheme which consisted of all above components.

Objectives of the Programme

  1. To upgrade the quality of the health care institutions of the province
  2. To convert institutions to client friendly service centres
  3. To establish more efficient and effective processes within the institution
  4. To pay special attention towards the standards of the processes carried out within the institutions
  5. To minimise environmental related problems within the health institutions
  6. To face the challenges of the institutions through collectivism
  7. To minimise wastage and getting the maximum utilisation of resources
  8. To get the customer’s confidence and compliance towards the institutions
  9. To get the attention of the health staff towards newer and convenient ways in getting the same process done
  10. To pay more attention towards the cleanliness and outward appearance of the institution
  11. To motivate staff through individual evaluation and to get the consumer trust through evaluation of the institution
  12. To work without any bureaucracy

“DakshinaSuwaViruwo” Competition

All the institutions in the province are eligible for this competition and applied institutions for the competition were classified under the following categories. The preliminary inspection was conducted by the respective offices of RDHS. Institutional supervision at the provincial level was carried out by the provincial inspection team, composed of medical administrators, medical consultants, medical officers, officers of specialists of accounts & administration of office systems and productivity development officers of the national productivity secretariat.

Contesting Categories
  1. Office of the Regional Director of Health Services
  2. Base hospitals A category
  3. Base hospitals B category
  4. Divisional hospitals((A and B categories)
  5. Divisional hospitals of C category
  6. Primary medical care units
  7. Offices of medical officer of health
  8. School dental clinics
  9. Adolescent dental clinics
  10. Special campaign
  11. Private hospitals
  12. Mothers Support Groups
  13. Covid 19 Treatment centresෙ

DakshinaSuwaViruwo” Awarding ceremony

November  19th of 2022 was a memorable day for the department of health services because of the “Dakshina SuwaViruwo” awarding ceremony. It was held on that day with a large gathering at the auditorium in the faculty of medicine, Karapitiya. The above institutions were rewarded with an incentive cash prize, a certificate and a trophy.

Awarding Institutions

All institutions who strive in a competition may not succeed, but being able to contest is some sort of a capability and it is significant to improve self-esteem. Awards do not only acknowledge success, but they recognise many other qualities likeability, struggle, and effort and, above all, excellence too. ” Dakshina SuwaViruwo” awarding ceremony was implemented in order to energise such institutions by offering value for their competence in front of a cheerful audience. Further, the execution of this type of award ceremony is beneficial for the motivation of other institutions. During this ceremony, a compliment was offered for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, special commendation & commendation including cash, trophy and certificate as follows.